Unlock Your Business Value

Margins can be tight in any business. if you want to expand so that you can get ahead of your competition, you may find it increasingly difficult to do so, due to cash flow and other finance issues. nevertheless, your business may rely on technology, plant, machinery or vehicles as an integral part of its operation and all of this equipment can come with a fairly hefty price tag. if you were to buy outright then you would certainly soak up any spare cash, take a “hit” to your bank account on the day and need to deal with complicated depreciation figures.

Together we will find a solution that will not just work for you but will work well for you!

Wouldn’t it be better to finance all of these assets rather than to buy them outright in this case? This would help you to unlock the value of your business and be far more flexible when it comes to any expansion plans.

You’re not obliged to go to your high street bank any more, to try and get a solution in this case, as you can work with an independent brokerage like Loans Warehouse who will assist you in making the right choices for yourself and your business. We have access to many providers of Asset finance and by letting us do the heavy lifting you can focus on running your business which is where your time and energy is probably best spent. The providers that we source funds from will be able to offer you different products depending on your circumstances and the type of asset in question.

If you require some specialised equipment or assets that are particularly high-value, then you may be able to consider a partial or operating lease. Alternatively, you may be investing in vehicles and could consider a contract hire arrangement, which will streamline your budgeting while taking into account the long-term management of the asset as well. As you can see, there are many different asset finance options, but you should always work with an independent broker such as Loans Warehouse, so that you can zero in on the right solution for your circumstances.