We work hard to find the right lender for your needs

Whether you are you in the market to buy your first home, refinance an existing property or are a seasoned and professional investor we can help you find the right lender and loan for whatever your circumstances might be.

Time to get serious?

You may have recently married and have decided to live together, or you may want to break free from the rental circuit and want to invest in a place that can grow with you. Either way, it can be difficult to sort through all the options available and deal with the paperwork, as you take your crucial first steps towards home ownership.

The situation will vary quite considerably from state to state and you may have access to a number of different grant incentives that can help you bring everything together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loans Warehouse are an independent and impartial brokerage with access to over 40 lenders in the home loans market. We can source funds from all the Major Australian banks as well as many other banks that you will never see on the high street but who aggressively market to customers that do not require a lender with a branch network.

The savings from not having to maintain a branch network can and often does mean that these lenders have rates which are preferable to those offered by the main stream lenders.

As an impartial broker we will get to know you and your circumstances, understand your financial situation and discuss with you at length your objectives. Once we have this information, we will be able to determine the best route forward.

We will stand with you at every stage, providing always a clear explanation of what we have found the costs involved and of course the benefits of taking one particular product over another.

We work on your behalf to find the right solution and although our service is completely free of charge to you, we never forget that it is you that is our customer and not the bank.

All fees which we receive from any lender for any product we recommend will be fully disclosed to you in writing and we hope that this will be just the start of our future financial relationship together.